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LISTSERV® is an email list service, through which citizens can ask for email notification about current events in specific areas of government and participate in discussion groups. LISTSERV® enables state and local government agencies to reach out directly to businesses, organizations, and the general public more quickly and efficiently.


  • List owners can administer lists with an easy-to-use and customizable web interface
  • Users can add themselves to lists, or be added by list owners
  • Up to 20 megabytes of archived message storage available
  • CTS Service Desk support and access to experienced technicians 24 hours a day

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How do we charge?

The monthly rates below are based per list purchase, and a LISTSERV® maximum of 100,000 subscribers and 10 megabytes (MB) disk storage.

Description Fee
1 - 7 lists $35 per list, per month
8 - 15 lists $25 per list, per month
16 - 35 lists $16 per list, per month
36 - 55 lists $11.50 per list, per month
56 - 82 lists $8.50 per list, per month
83  - 99 lists $7 per list, per month
100 lists or more $6 per list, per month

LISTSERV® rates for lists with more than 100,000 subscribers, and/or more than 10MB of storage disk space, will be subject to negotiation.