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Wireless Service

The Wireless team is hard at work deploying the service throughout the state. We have a presence in over 100 locations!!! Check out the Wireless Locations page for all current and in process sites. Wondering if the Wireless Service will work for your Agency? Schedule an overview of the Wireless Service by sending an email to the WaTech Service Desk.

Here’s what just a few of our customers are saying about the service:

“The feature we like most about the service is the price and that it’s a leased (month-to-month) service. We did not have to buy a lot of equipment up front like we would have needed to if we built our own wireless network. This was especially important for us since at the time we signed up for the service, we were expecting to move to a new building within two years. So, when and if we need to move, we can simply cancel the service and return the equipment. Also, we really like that WaTech provides this wireless network since we can be sure that the service meets the OCIO IT security Standards and state that in our security program. The other benefits of the service are: 1. The three network options (Agency, Guest and Sponsored Guest). We’ve used them all. We haven’t had much opportunity to try the roaming feature at other state buildings, though. 2. The console that lets us view and analyze coverage and look for rogue connections. 3. The ability to roam throughout the buildings and not lose connection. We’re very happy with the service.” –Utilities and Transportation Commission

“WaTech’s Service offered much more capabilities than our current solution and is easy to manage. The feature we like most is that we can offer Guest and Sponsored Guest access to the Internet. This was not possible before. Other benefits include being able to constantly monitor the health of the wireless network, site maps and knowing what devices are where and rouge access point detection. It was great working with the team. Probably one of the smoothest projects I’ve ever worked on with WaTech.” –Washington State Gambling Commission

“It was not that difficult to configure with WaTech’s help. The feature we like most about the Service is the security separation between the wireless network and the existing LAN. Other benefits include the site survey to ensure good coverage, centrally managed guest network password, technical support if there are issues. The overall implementation, from site survey to operations went well.” –Washington Institute for Public Policy

“We have a reliable wireless service at a fair price. The feature we like most about the service is Roaming. The other benefits include the convenience it has provided our customers and staff. Also, the reliability and the great support from WaTech engineers when an issue does arise. ” –Department of Revenue

Inquiries regarding the Wireless Service should be directed to:

Wireless Service Overview

WaTech offers a statewide Wireless Service, which offers greater mobility and productivity via one secure, centrally-managed and supported common infrastructure by providing:

  • No up-front or recurring equipment costs
  • Easy-to-acquire subscription pricing
  • Full integration to state government networks
  • Full compliance with state security standards and policies
  • Easy, secure roaming to your agency’s network resources
  • Professional network design
  • Highly reliable state-of-the-art equipment
  • Local agency control and administration
  • A consistent mobile experience
  • Expert-level centralized support

Wireless Service Networks

The Wireless service basic rate includes all of the following networks:

Wireless Networks Users Access to Authentication
<Local Agency Name> Employees Agency resources Joined to Active Directory & User Certificate
Roaming Employees Your gency resources while visiting another agency Joined to Active Directory & User Certificate
Sponsored Guest Guests Internet Assigned Username & Password
Guest Guests Internet Pre-Shared Key

Customer Requirements

The first step to becoming a Wireless Customer is to confirm that the basic requirements are met:

Basic Requirements for the Wireless Service Local Agency Roaming Guests
✓ Connectivity to the State Government Network (SGN) Required Required Required
✓ Member of the Enterprise Active Directory Forest (EAD) Required Required -
✓ Connectivity to the MPLS Wide Area Network (Agency VRF) Required Required -