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About Us

CTS is one of the newest agencies in Washington state government. The Legislature changed how information technology is planned, developed, implemented, funded and maintained in Washington State government through the passage of ESSB 5931 in June, 2011. ESSB 5931 defines how information technology will be administered with emphasis on consolidation, efficiencies and using the private sector where it makes sense.

CTS Vision, Mission, Goals, Values and Principles
CTS Organizational Chart

CTS operates the current state data center located in OB2, and offers additional IT services:

  • Mainframe computing
  • Network operations and telecommunication
  • Shared Email
  • IT security
  • Storage

Director's Office

Rob St. John

About Rob St. John

Rob is a 25-year veteran of Washington state government, spending the last 15 managing various aspects of information technology.

He joined the Department of Social and Health Services in 1985, first in a direct client services role. He worked his way up, later becoming a systems administrator and then leading the development of the state’s WorkFirst case management and child care eligibility systems.

In 2007, DSHS named Rob as its chief information officer where he worked until joining the newly formed Office of the Chief Information Officer as its deputy.

Rob was appointed Director of CTS in April 2012 by Governor Gregoire, and reappointed by Governor Inslee in May 2013.

Rob grew up in eastern Washington and earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Eastern Washington University.

Executive Management Team

Rob St. John
(360) 407-9150

Deputy Director
Christy Ridout
(360) 407-8817

Chief Projects and Planning Officer
Heidi Brownell
(360) 407-8980

Planning, Performance and Policy Administrator
David Brummel
(360) 407-8816

Chief Finance Officer
Judy Fitzgerald
(360) 407-8779

Assistant Director for Telecommunication Services
Doug Hoffer
(360) 407-9437

Assistant Director for Computing and Mainframe Services
Wendy Huff
(360) 407-8922

Chief Information Security Officer
Agnes Kirk
(360) 407-9031

Human Resources Director
Margaret Lee
(360) 407-9138

State Data Center Manager
Dan Mercer
(360) 407-9056

Chief Legal Services Officer
Rebekah O'Hara
(360) 407-8818

Strategic Sourcing and Customer Relationship Team Manager
Laura Parma
(360) 407-9014


CTS Service Desk: 24 hours a day/7 days a week
(360) 753-2454
(888) 241-7597 (toll-free)

Media Inquiries
David Brummel
(360) 407-8816

Press Releases

Please check back for future releases.