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State Data Center Projects - Customer Readiness

Implementation of Governor’s Shared Services
On February 10, 2009 Governor Gregoire issued Governor’s Directive 09-02 directing state agencies to provide full assistance and support in the development and implementation of a “shared services” model to lower costs and improve service.

SDC readiness began with projects that prepared the SDC facility, network core, and security infrastructure to support migrations. The next set of projects will focus on migrating security, storage, and servers that support CTS services. The migrations will be coordinated in a collaborative approach both internally and externally with our customers. Agency Implementation Coordinators (AICs) have been identified by each of the customers to facilitate awareness and readiness for each impacted service.

Documents are provided below to inform AICs and support as we plan for and migrate equipment and services from the current state data center in OB2 to the new State Data Center (SDC).

Migration Readiness Materials:



Customer Engagement Plan This document provides a repeatable framework for consistency of informing, involving, and coordinating with customers.
FAQs This document provides the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding the SDC projects and their answers. Updated February 26, 2014.
Post Migration Feedback This document is an opportunity for migrated agencies to provide feedback on what worked and what we might consider for future migrations with other agencies.
SSL VPN End User Guide This document provides users with a step-by-step guide on how to log-in and access the new SSL VPN platform.
Migration Guides - The purpose of the Migration Guides is to define the steps that Consolidated Technology Services (CTS) and customer staff will take to complete readiness tasks necessary for the migration of systems to the State Data Center (SDC).
CTS Move Phase 1 - Servers Scope: CTS managed servers
CTS Move Phase 1 - Security Scope: CTS managed security systems
Firewall Scope: Firewalls migrating from OB2 to SDC
VMAX Data Migrations Scope: Data migrating from OB2 to SDC
SDC Migration Guide Scope: System migrations to SDC. Updated December 8, 2014.