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CTS Initiatives

The CTS Initiatives Schedule provides a consolidated view of activities underway at CTS to launch new services, implement projects, and complete organizational initiatives. The schedule is a working document and will be used internally to assist CTS to prioritize work and ensure activities are in alignment with current customer needs, the agency strategic plan, and/or the strategies of the State of Washington. It will also provide our customers with visibility into status of requests and initiatives being considered for the future. The activities are organized into the following categories:



New Services CTS follows the Service Inquiry process to address new requests for services from our customers. The process is intended to have a quick, high level assessment of the request or inquiry. It is reviewed with the CTS Advisory Council. The members of the Advisory Council provide their input including requirements, enterprise value and their agency interest in consuming the service. At the first pass review with the Advisory Council, a document has been prepared for discussion. It is intended to summarize the early research and analysis. If there is broad interest, CTS can then prioritize the request and move to the next steps including assigning resource, conceptual design and rate analysis work. Customer agencies provide input regarding the service and assist in establishing the priority of the effort. The process was initiated with input from the Advisory Council and will continue to evolve.
CTS Projects CTS supports agencies across the State of Washington as the information partner of choice. This encompasses innovative technologies and services of high quality and cost effectiveness designed to satisfy customers. This includes projects covering the State Data Center (SDC), mainframe computing, network operations and telecommunication, storage, shared email, and IT security. This section captures the work performed to support technology needs for CTS and its customers.
CTS Organizational Initiatives CTS is a fairly new agency and is undergoing several organizational initiatives, including improving customer service, performing opportunity analysis, making investments in our workforce, and developing a communications plan.

Current and Archived CTS Initiatives Schedules are stored on a page that is accessible to users within the State Government Network (SGN).