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Shared Services - Email

Shared Services Email implements a solution (based on requirements from agencies across the state) encompassing email delivery, security, and records retention.

  • Email via the Exchange 2010 messaging platform
  • Mail Filtering that includes anti‐spam and anti‐virus protection that prevents confidential, malicious, or inappropriate content from being distributed
  • The Vault which stores and retrieves email messages according to agency records retention requirements – also known as WaSERV
  • Secure Email that protects sensitive data sent via email
  • ActiveSync Mobile Messaging
  • SMTP Relay - is an optional feature of SSE which is provided to support Customer applications in need of Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Relay to the Internet.

Customer Responsibilities:

New customers:
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) Addendums
  • SMTP Relay Addendum –SSE customers wishing to relay email may take advantage of the SSE SMTP Relay. Three documents are available for your review and completion:
  • Legacy Application Server Addendum – SSE customers with legacy applications that cannot function in Exchange 2010 may request an Exchange 2003 mailbox on CTS’ Legacy Application Server.

How Do We Charge?

Description Monthly Rate
Email, Vault license, and filtering $4.90 per mailbox per month

Secure Email $.56 per mailbox per month

Vault storage charge $1.27/Managed GB per month