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January 28, 2016

The migrations from OB2 to the SDC have been completed. A few systems remain in place in production to support the tenants of OB2. DES is working to create a small, dedicated environment within the old data center space. The new “Equipment Room” will house the equipment necessary to support the systems, such as telephones, serving the tenants within OB2. This site contains artifacts from the project.

For inquiries regarding State Data Center Colocation Services, please contact Gordon Ice at 360-407-8904.


SDC Total Program Lifecycle Budget

*This chart shows the baseline budget and actuals for all SDC projects. (includes both implementation costs and 5-yr maintenance commitments).

SDC Implementation Budget (Investment Plans)

*This chart shows only the implementation costs for the projects with approved investment plans (does not include maintenance).

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SCHEDULE: Milestones

SDC Time Line

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STATUS: Current Status Report

SDC Current Status Report