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Shared Services Email - Project Documentation

On February 10, 2009 Governor Gregoire issued Governor’s Directive 09-02 directing state agencies to provide full assistance and support in the development and implementation of a shared services model to lower costs and improve service. The consolidation of email services is the first shared service scheduled for implementation. Shared Services Email consists of five core components: email; secure email; clean email (includes anti-spam and anti-malware); content-filtered outbound email; and vaulted email that stores and retrieves email messages in compliance with agency records retention requirements.

The Department of Information Services (DIS), upon instruction from the State of Washington Information Services Board (ISB), asked Unisys and partner, Excipio, to analyze the economics regarding the state’s current email infrastructure compared against two economic alternatives.

In June 2010, the Customer Advisory Board (CAB) adopted the priorities for shared services and a presentation was provided Shared Services Email. Review the Presentation from 6/11/2010. An initial "To-Be Definitions" (requirements) for a shared email service was created and approved by the Customer Advisory Board (CAB) and the Executive Steering Committee (ESC).

In September 2010 the “To-Be Definitions” were updated in a CAB presentation to include rates. The updated document was approved by the Shared Services Executive Steering Committee authorizing the implementation of the project statewide.

In February 2011 the project was re-organized and the Shared Services Email Charter was approved by its Project Sponsors. The requirements were clarified and re-released in a Business Requirements handout.

In May 2011 the project’s investment plan was approved by the ISB. In June 2011 Briskin Consulting was engaged to provide External QA to the project. After an initial project assessment, Briskin began publishing monthly QA reports (see below).

By August 2011, 5,000 mailboxes had migrated into the service and the project started publishing SLA metric reports (see below). By the end of December, 2011 over 33,000 mailboxes had migrated into the system.

Quality Assurance Reports
June 2012 QA Report
May 2012 QA Report
April 2012 QA Report
March 2012 QA Report
February 2012 QA Report
January 2012 QA Report
December 2011 QA Report
November 2011 QA Report
October 2011 QA Report
September 2011 QA Report
August 2011 QA Report
                        QA Dashboard Reports
April 2012 QA Dashboard
March 2012 QA Dashboard
February 2012 QA Dashboard
January 2012 QA Dashboard
December 2011 QA Dashboard
November 2011 QA Dashboard
October 2011 QA Dashboard
September 2011 QA Dashboard
August 2011 QA Dashboard
                        SLA Reports
July 2014 SLA
June 2014 SLA
May 2014 SLA
April 2014 SLA
March 2014 SLA
February 2014 SLA
January 2014 SLA
December 2013 SLA
November 2013 SLA
October 2013 SLA
September 2013 SLA
August 2013 SLA
July 2013 SLA
June 2013 SLA
May 2013 SLA
April 2013 SLA
March 2013 SLA
February 2013 SLA
January 2013 SLA
December 2012 SLA
November 2012 SLA
October 2012 SLA
September 2012 SLA
August 2012 SLA
July 2012 SLA
June 2012 SLA
May 2012 SLA
April 2012 SLA
March 2012 SLA
February 2012 SLA
January 2012 SLA
December 2011 SLA
November 2011 SLA
October 2011 SLA
September 2011 SLA
August 2011 SLA