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This site is intended to provide customers the needed information to implement and support ActiveSync in State agencies, to provide relevant industry related news that may impact users, and to provide a forum form communication between and with customers.
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Audio Conferencing

CTS offers many tools for telephone conferencing. Conference attendees can simply dial the conference bridge number, enter the assigned user code, and be instantly connected to the conference. The teleconferencing system supports conference calls of up to 240 participants.
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Centrex Service

Centrex is a generic term for central office based telephone services. CTS Centrex service includes free calling within the local exchange area, access to the state’s long distance network, and access to the local operator and emergency services.
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Directory Assistance

As a service to the public, CTS offers directory assistance with listings for state agencies, colleges, schools, cities and counties, and individual employee work telephone numbers. CTS supports an online telephone directory and provides operator directory assistance.
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Shared Services Email

Shared Services Email implements a solution (based on requirements from agencies across the state) encompassing email delivery, security, and records retention.
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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems allow people to use a telephone to get information from a computer database or other data source. IVR can automatically give your customers answers to their most frequently asked questions. Customers can call a designated phone number, enter an authorization code, and then securely interact with your database to get the information they need. This automated process reduces staff time, reduces operator errors, and enhances customer service.
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Listserv Hosting

LISTSERV®, an email list service, is part of the state’s award winning web portal, Access Washington. Access Washington brings citizens and businesses a user-friendly "anytime, anyplace" opportunity for online communication and service transactions with state government.
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Lync Collaboration Service

Microsoft Lync is an enterprise unified communications platform. Lync connects people on their PC or mobile devices as part of their everyday productivity experience. Lync provides a consistent, single client experience for presence, instant messaging, voice, video and a great meeting experience.
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Mobile Device Management (MDM)

CTS will be providing a Mobile Device Management solution [MDM] for agencies using the Shared Services Email. An RFP is scheduled to go out in March 2013 to MDM vendors and CTS anticipates implementing a solution Q3 2013. The ‘MDM’ page will be the place to find updated information on this project as it progresses.
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Mobile Messaging

Welcome to CTS Mobile Messaging! This is the place to find information about the services and solutions for State agency mobile messaging. Keep current with major industry news that may impact mobile devices connecting to these services or the services themselves. CTS currently provides one mobile service: ActiveSync 2010.
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Private Branch Exchange (PBX)

CTS installs, operates, and maintains shared Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems that deliver voice telephone service to public organizations at economical rates. Private Branch Exchanges are telephone switches that are installed on a customer's premises to provide telephone service.
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SCAN Long Distance

CTS offers long distance telephone service for state and local government agencies in Washington via the State Controlled Area Network (SCAN). SCAN offers customized, detailed billing of all long distance calls, with special indicators for long duration calls and directory assistance.
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Switched Long Distance

Switched Long Distance (SwitchedLD) service uses customers' local trunks to access the long distance network. SwitchedLD uses the same dialing sequence as SCAN and use of authorization numbers is supported.
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Web and Video Conferencing

The CTS Conferencing Service (powered by WebEx) enables real-time, world-wide meetings over the Internet without leaving the office. The WebEx suite of communication services includes interactive video conferencing, web collaboration, and audio conferencing – via either telephone or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).
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