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Products and Services

Data Processing

Any mainframe bulk data processing service that creates an output, such as: warrants, letters, personalized forms, reports, and data archives.

Enterprise Output Manager (EOM)
Enterprise Output Solutions (EOS)
System 390 Mainframe Platform
Unisys Mainframe Platform


Establish connections to State Government Networks, the Enterprise Active Directory, and server hosting in the State Data Center.

Active Directory
A La Carte Server Hosting
Secondary Transport Ethernet Svs
Internet Access
Managed Server Hosting
State Government Networks
Virtual Server Hosting
Web Server Hosting

Remote Access

Create connections to your organization's data, applications, and networks over the Internet via secure methods.

Citrix Edge Service
Virtual Private Network (VPN)


Requesting a URL, Shared Webhosting, and several content management systems to create your organization's presence for the Internet.

Domain Naming Services (DNS)
Shared Web Hosting